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Product name:uBed-Sport Chaise Lounge
Model No:BL1
Frequency:About 140 RPM (Max.)
Horizontal Amplitude:About 20 mm
Operation:Wireless Remote Control,7 Level Frequency, 3 Auto Programs
Time setting:30 min
Voltage:AC 220 ~ 240 V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Power:about 600 W (Max)
Main material:High hardness steel + Selected High Tech leather
Dimension:About L 1710 x W 760 x H 570 mm
Weight:About 78.5 kg
Capacity:About 180 kg

WBPA is one of the safest and most effective passive exercises .
WBPA (Whole Body Periodic Acceleration) As the name suggests, you just lie down on the WBPA Bed and the whole body will be driven by horizontal movements to achieve the benefits of exercise.

Lie in bed to do exercise easily
Enjoy pleasant exercise experience at home! uBed-Sport Chaise Lounge could help you exercise and induce the production of NO in your body which maintains the functions of endothelial cells in the blood vessels.
WBPA makes exercise easier, which allows you to benefit as what exercise gets even if you are lying in bed at home.

No more excuses to escape from exercise!
uBed-Sport Chaise Lounge enables you to lie in bed doing exercise at home.
It is the best exercise alternative for those who are too lazy to exercise, unable to exercise, and having no time and space to exercise.

Unable to exercise
Bedridden people and people with disabilities can enjoy exercising as well.

Too lazy to do exercise
It still requires exercise even if you are exhausted.

No time to do exercise
Squeeze just 15 minutes to exercise in your busy schedules.

No space to do exercise
It doesn’t take much space to do exercise.

Benefits of WBPA

Passive bedrest exercise
It is recognized as one of the best and safest exercise methods

Health promotion
To improve your health and keep you in a slender figure

Sleep improving
To relieve soreness and put you to sleep

Improve physical performance
Promote physical coordination and prevent sports injuries

Recommended by the expert
“Sport furniture is the perfect invention of sports technology combines with furniture craftsmanship. It’s one of the most innovative, functional and stress- relieving products nowadays. It optimizes our lives through passive movement and makes our lives full of enjoyment, happiness and health.”
The pioneer of Sport Medicine in AsiaPH.D Jin-Jong Chen

• The First Graduate of M.D. National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
• Ph.D. University of Virginia, U.S.A.
• Physician of Aerospace Medical Association, U.S.A.
• Visiting Scholar , Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, U.S.A.
• Director, Exercise and Health Science Research Center, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

Horizontal vibration exercise
The optimal horizontal amplitude is 20mm, and the benefits will decrease as the distance is shortened.

One equipment with multi-functional use.
You can own health and space in the same time.
Ultimate multi-functional design Single equipment with various purposes, and you may enjoy healthy life any time.

Sit Casually
It is a bed, and it is also a design of sofa. You can enjoy alone, or you may invite your family and friends to sit with you.

Lie in a relaxed state
Ergonomic arch design which allows you to rest and enjoy the time of your own.

Exercise for stress relief
Lay your head on the flat side and lift your legs on the sofa arm, by doing so; you may reduce the discomfort of the lower body for sitting too long. The diseases of civilization and sub-health issues can be further solved.

Safe and minimal design
> Higher pad sofa edge fuses with health concepts
> Beautifying arch design makes uBed symmetric and harmonious.
> Ergonomic design makes you exercise comfortably.
> Wood grain texture adds the taste of warmth to the uBed-Sport Chaise Longue.
> Trim decoration design makes uBed stylish and fashionable.

Ultimate craft with an integral forming
Selected High Tech leather Well-ventilated, soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly.
> Wipeable
> Fire-resistant
> Ventilative
> Skin-friendly

30 minutes of 10 vibration modes

One-click and user-friendly design without complicated interface
Just lie in uBed-Sport Chaise Lounge and choose the vibration modes you like.
Every click could enjoy vibration exercise for 30 minutes.
Regular vibration will improve our sleep and health index.

7 fixed frequency and 3 automatic modes for your selections

M1 Relaxation mode
M2 LOHAS mode
M3 Stress relief mode

Exercise as you wish at home.
Exercise in your comfy home! No matter the weather it is, exercise can be more efficient by saving the round-trip time.

uBed-Sport Chaise Lounge guards your health effortlessly.

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Weight 78.5 kg
Dimensions 171 × 76 × 57 cm
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