The Story Behind Active Health Solutions

Trust us when we say we know best. Active Health Solutions is made up of a passionate group of like-minded friends who are seniors ourselves. We understand the challenges and health problems that the elderly face, and we want to share the knowledge of how to prepare ourselves for successful ageing. Staying healthy and leading a life free of pain is so important. If the problems of old age have been affecting your lifestyle, it is time to improve your quality of life!

The Hexagon

The hexagon design in our logo symbolises the hexagonal shape of our body cells. This simple 6-sided shape conveys our heartfelt intention to directly help alleviate the problems of senior health from the cellular level. At the same time, it also represents the 6 areas of well-being that our brand focuses on. Air, Water, Nutrition & Food, Bone & Joint, Exercise and Sleep – these are the 6 core aspects of our elderly care solutions. Whether you are suffering from chronic diseases, attending rehabilitation and physiotherapy, or in need of a good social support system, Active Health Solutions wants to be your one-stop senior health solution. Our core philosophy is simple. We want to empower seniors with the knowledge and the tools for successful active ageing so to improve your quality of life. Take charge of your life today!

Our Mission

We source, introduce and support multiple health solutions tailored to the divergent needs of our customers and members. We seek long-term partnership with principals on the basis of mutual trust and benefits and to elevate their products to market-leader position. We aim to improve, manage and add value to the health of our customers, members and stakeholders.

Our Vision

We aim to win the trust of customers through new wellness ideas, fresh innovative healthcare products that works and make a difference in the lives of our customers, associates, and seniors in our community.

Our Objectives

(1) Stay active for life.

(2) Listen, Care and Respond.

(3) Help others to improve and make life easier.

Our Partners

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