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At Active Health Solutions, we believe in solutions based on 6 key areas of well-being – Air, Water, Nutrition & Food, Bone & Joint, Exercise and Sleep.

Our range of products have been meticulously selected to meet the changing needs of the ageing population. Not only have these products undergone intensive research, they were also developed by people from the same age group and demographics so that relevant knowledge is incorporated into the unique features of the products’ designs. All of our products are also well-established with proven track records.


Studies have long shown an association between air quality and human health. Long-term exposure to polluted air can have detrimental health effects and this is especially harmful to the elderly because of a weakened immune system. A clean environment and good quality air is important for overall physical wellness and a happier state of mind.


As the key of life, the benefits of drinking water are widely understood. However, the quality of water is often overlooked. There are serious health risks linked to water that are contaminated with organic and inorganic matter, bacteria and other pollutants. Our body is made up of 70% water and good quality water helps to flush out toxins, aid digestion and improve the functionality of our body organs.

Food & Nutritions

Good nutrition and having a well-balanced diet are important factors for staying healthy as you age. It can improve energy levels and help our body attain the proper nutrients needed. A nutritious diet also lowers your risk of developing chronic health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. As we get older, our nutritional needs change and we may require health supplements as a boost too.

Bones & Joints

As we age, bones become more brittle and are prone to break more easily.The weakening of joint tissue and muscle atrophy may also lead to inflammation, pain and even deformity. Mobility problems affect almost all elderly people so it is crucial to improve bone and joint health. Besides frequent exercise, good nutrition is also a way to build bone density and prevent unwanted falls.


Regular exercise for the elderly helps to improve reflexes, coordination, blood circulation and general health. Being active also strengthens body muscles, which can help you avoid injuries by reducing your chances of falling. You need not engage in strenuous exercises to achieve health benefits. In fact, seniors can gain significant health benefits with light physical activity such as just walking!


Sleep is the time that your body repairs and restores itself. That is why it so important to have good quality sleep for optimal mental and physical well-being. Waking up feeling refreshed will create a positive state of mind, and give you energy to get out engage in activities. Quality sleep also plays a vital role in mental processes and helps you remember things better.


At AHS, we believe in tackling both the mental and physical challenges of aging. We organise health and nutrition talks specifically tailored for seniors. We arrange fitness activities, and specially customised health checks for our members in their 50s and above.

We emphasise social networking after you retire so you don’t feel isolated after years of a busy career. AHS is about life, health and social so that you become less reliant on your families and on society.


At AHS we have membership scheme for those interested to join our company as members/shareholders of AHS. So join us today to enjoy the benefits of the organisation and prepare for the best years of your life!

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It was a pleasure to visits your showroom and I was attracted to buy your Urah and Bgreen ReLegs Leg Rest Pillow Model: LEG1 Thanks a lot.🥰

Ms Candy Lim

President, BNI Matrix Singapore

I was tempted to buy their Bodygreen Whole Body Vertical Harmonic Vibration machine Model: BW760B yesterday. Now no more GOT RAIN NO Exercise. Now everyday can Exercise indoors even if it is raining!! 😊

Mr Alfred Chua

Personal Shopper

I am a happy customer using TURTLE GYM Whole Body Vertical Vibration Relaxation Chair Model:UR8000 Colour: Black from port custom clearance direct to my house shipment from Taiwan. It is remarkable how they can arrange direct delivery very fast! 😊

Mdm Kuo

Personal Shopper

I bought the Bodygreen Whole Body Vertical Harmonic Vibration machine Model:  BW760B to help me recover from my spine injury. It is really helpful. Thanks Active Health Solutions for bringing these wonderful machine to Singapore!


Personal Shopper


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