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Prife 7Wonders
There are several water sites in the world where many health miracles have been reported, namely the ones in; Nordenau in Germany, Lourdes in France, Tlacote in Mexico and Nadana in India.

Thousands of people have visited these sites because of the healing properties found in the water, which has also been said to contain Dissolved Hydrogen & minerals.

Now, you don’t have to travel to these miracle sites to obtain the benefit, as at Prife International we bring to you, our Natural Mineral based water product called, 7Wonders!

Our body is crying out for help!
We can help our body to stay healthy by drinking good quality water.


We cannot survive without water.
60% of adult body is water and babies are born with around 78%.

Benefits of Hydrogen
“Hydrogen is extremely unique since it has the capability to act at the cellular level. Hydrogen is qualified to cross the blood brainbarrier, to enter the mitochondria, and even has the ability to translocate to the nucleus under certain conditions.”
“There are also few side effects involving hydrogen, thus making hydrogen a perfect medical gas candidate for the convention of novel therapeutic strategies against cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, cancer, metabolic, and respiratory diseases and disorders.”

1. Increases Dissolved Hydrogen in Water
2. Oxidation Reduction Potential
3. Alkaline
4. Reduction in Molecular Size of Water
5. Antioxidant
6. Mineral Water
7. Anti-bacteria

Easy To Prepare – Just pour purified water into the flask and it’s ready to be consumed in 3 minutes!
Inexpensive to maintain – Only need to replace the CoreMinerals every 3 months.

Our body is made of molecules

Energy is everything and everything is energy
Our body is made of energy
When there is a problem with our body’s systems, organs or cells, it has to do with the energy in our body.
That’s why we need to charge the body and increase its frequency so that our cells can work more efficiently.

Enhanced 7Wonders Water
By blowing Terahertz frequency on 7Wonders Water, the water becomes energized and this may help the cells in our body to function more efficiently.

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