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Asxence Premium Super Food Lutein Infused!


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Asxence Astaxanthin crystals are mainly free-form 3S,3'S Astaxanthin strains of light molecular weight 596.85, which aids in fast and efficient absorption into the body. Certified by HPLC, Asxence Astaxanthin content concentration is more than 80%, with other carotenoids concentration of 10%.

The Benefits of Lutein:
1. Lutein Helps In Cancer Prevention
2. Lutein Strengthens Immune Support
3. Lutein Aids in Heart Health
4. Lutein Provides Anti-Inflammatory Effects
5. Lutein Supports Bone health
6. Lutein Boots Cognitive Function
7. Lutein Promotes Eye Health
8. Lutein Protects Skin Health
9. Lutein's Supreme Antioxidant Activity
10. Lutein Boosts Gut Health

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