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Time Solution Moisturizing Toner–You need it all the time!
The recent hot weather can easily make your skin uncomfortable or dry. After going out in the sun, you should use TS Moisturizing Toner.

In the market, it is not easy to find a high-quality beauty spray that can moisturize the skin anytime and anywhere, adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, relieve skin pressure, prevent allergies, and increase the natural protective function of the face.

TS Moisturizing Toner is rich in seaweed extract, hydrolyzed wheat amino acids and various natural moisturizing ingredients. If you want to keep your face young, how can you lack it?

After cleansing or when the skin is dry, raise your head slightly, and spray the Moisturizing Toner on the face at a distance of 15~20cm…extremely fine water particles, gently spread on all parts of the face, very even, because the water particles are fine, So it is absorbed very quickly.

After spraying, pat lightly to let the skin absorb freely.
Refuse to inject Botox, TIME SOLUTION Moisturizing Toner makes you beautiful and feel at ease!


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