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Biomeridian Activator
Tapper for loosening muscles with vitality
Tapping improve health and vitality

Q: What is the basis of tapping for health?
A: By tapping the skin, it can stimulate the skin, activate the balance in the body, awaken the body’s ability to repair itself and achieve the purpose of health care.

*The external skin of the body has the function of protecting the body from the attack of pathogens, and it is intricately connected with other parts of the body tissues and have traction with each other.

*Tapping the skin will stimulate all parts of the human body and achieved the effect of good blood circulation and reconciliation of the body.

*The tapped part of the body will be activated by the stimulation, opening up the entanglement to achieve the ideal body condition of relaxation and gaining physical energy, so that the body is always healthy.

*From the perspective of western medicine, tapping is a method of active stimulation that can activate body’s balance mechanism and enhance the body’s self-healing ability.

The purpose of tapping
*By tapping, it stimulates various parts of body, smoothen the blood circulation of the whole body. Those previously non-existent body entanglements will be loosen and it relaxes the stressed pressure points, finally relaxing the whole body, and effectively sooth away the pain caused by impaired blood circulation.

*With the influence of aging and other internal and external factors, the basic metabolic capacity of the human body tends to slow down, which easily leads to excessive accumulation of fatigue and pain in the body. Moderate and partial tapping can stimulate the body, activate the body’s ability to balance and adjust to allow the body to function normally.

*This is why whenever the body feels pain, a person will always unconsciously clench a fist and beat at it, because the beating can stimulate and activate the body function and it can effectively relieve the symptoms of pain, slapping and light tapping is the most natural, effective and safest reflex action the body can make recovery on its own.

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