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Product Name : Whole Body Harmonic Sport Platform plus Foot Reflexology
Model : RS2
Frequency: Approx. 4 ~ 13Hz
Amplitude: Vertical Approx. 2 mm
Operating Mode: RF Wireless Remote Control
Control Mode: 7 Levels Frequency + 3 Auto Programs
Time Setting: 15min per cycle
Voltage: AC100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60 Hz
Power Consumption: Max. 50w
External Structure: High Quality Alder Wood
Dimension: Approx. L 535 x W 325 x H 125 mm
Capacity: Approx. 120 kg
Product weight: Approx. 17.5 kg

Seagull Style Vibration
Tapping for health
Move for vitality

Enjoy the healthy life brought by the tapping vibration, live a splendid life

Seagull brave in the wind and rain, flying freely in the blue sky, with an unrelenting spirit.
The tapping vibration is like the wings of a seagull flying freely
Enjoy the joy of flying freely in the sky
It’s just like the tapping vibration, let us embrace health easily and enjoy a happy life

Perfect relaxation of body, mind and soul, reaching the ultimate wide as the sea and sky

Whole body Vertical tapping vibration integrates exercise, tapping vibration and health maintain

As health gives us more freedom to sway and pursue of one’s dream

Seagulls flying against the wind in the sky, without any restraint control their direction freely flapping the wings and interact with the nature in harmony

as tapping vibration and human movement perfect blend of cutting out a healthy glow

The fundamental meaning of a happy life is to have a healthy body to live a wonderful life experience the freedom of living a healthy mind travel to achieve a brighter future

The Whole Body Harmonic Sport Platform the rhythm vertically,

Free like a seagull

Sliding lightly from the beach to the sky, smoothly controlling the body, drawing a beautiful scene in the air, facing the wind without any restrictions, between freedom and flight,
Between sunrise and sunset,
Let us achieve the perfect balance between health and life

The best partner for home sports, the new tapping vibration technology for luxury enjoyment

Using unique R & D and design, craftsmanship and patented technology to integrate the vertical vibration exercise with the tapping health maintain by a new process technology
Use the sine wave to drive human body movement, gently stimulate every part of the body
Equipped with the different frequency of tapping vibration on the platform, stimulate various parts of the sole
To promote overall health benefits and achieve the purpose of balance

bgreen sports furniture is Your best choice for home exercise

Pampered mom greatly
Stay health and pretty always

Transmit my love via health for mom
Cherish every day with mom
Grasp the beautiful life of mom’s with health and happiness

Remember to pamper yourself too
Just as you pamper the babies

Pampering is a king of caring
Love is a kind of lifestyle and method
Enjoy a quiet moment and talk to your body everyday

Pampering yourself most important caring for health
Let the Whole Body Harmonic Sport Platform exercise bring positive energy to your body to obtain 100% health for body and mind

The benefits of a healthy body is beyond your imagination.

The ultimate dazzling design
Inheriting precision technology
Presenting the perfect interpretation of aesthetics and mechanics

Extracting spirit from nature,
Using high-strength steel metal
Combining top-notch and unique baking process
Create a unique, high-quality and elegant classic
Perfect integration into any home space

Enjoy exercise without restriction

Easily enjoy the most comfortable sports time and sports fun of the day

Tapping vibration exercise is a movement method that is not limited by time and space, Whether spring, summer, autumn, winter, sunny or rainy, Cold or hot, it will accompany you exercise, never interrupt

Easy-to-use operating mode

• Automatic exercise for 15 minutes, no need to worry about timing
• Adopt one-button design, less cumbersome interface design, more convenient operation and use
• The automatic program integrates different vibration frequencies to match the vibration condition intimately

Whole Body Harmonic Sport Platform
Perfect interpretation of modern fashion ‧ Transmit happiness and endless vitality
High-precision flapping movement
Give the body a stronger and safer beat to stimulate the tapping vibration and enjoy the vitality of the body given by the vibration.

Unmatched design craftsmanship
The ultimate use of the design technology that combines nature and health, the smooth line interpretation of the perfect quenching chain brings out the overall design texture and taste, so that you can never be bored.

Exclusive invention of the patented technology of the tapping vibration
The new high-tech whole body tapping vibration greatly improves the health promotion effect of the vibration exercise and reaches the whole family’s overall health protection.

Made in Taiwan

bgreen is green. All commodities have undergone strict R & D design and strict manufacturing quality control. Made by MIT Taiwan, bgreen is green. The quality is as strong as steel. The original factory direct long-term after-sales warranty service allows your health is guaranteed.

Taiwan’s pioneer in sports medicine, truly recommended

Motion maintains health, peacefulness maintains heart

Movement = weight + gravity

Priority of maintaining the health is maintaining the heart
Priority of maintaining the heart is Relaxation

The vertical vibration that drives the human body to move up and down through the device has a movement effect that cannot be achieved by autonomous movement. During the movement of passive vertical vibration, the muscles of the whole body can contract and stretch, and the body can be completely relaxed. A relaxed and comfortable way to exercise.

Professor Chen Jin-Jong
National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan, Professor of Sports Medicine

- Aerospace Medicine Professional Physician
- Chairman of Taiwan Sports and Health Society
- Chairman, Republic of China National Aerobics Sports Association
- The First Graduate of M.D. National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
- Ph.D. University of Virginia, USA
- Visiting Scholar, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, USA
- Director, Exercise and Health Science Research Center, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

Won multi-national invention patents

Years of research have accumulated abundant R & D technical energy and won many national invention patents

Patent certification to ensure the safety of consumers

Bring new options for exercise in life
Achieve a taste of fashion life

bgreen is green
It is worth choosing a healthy gift for yourself and your parents

Transmit love with health

Let the Whole Body Harmonic Sport Platform exercise start a new healthy journey for your family
Caring for the health and happiness of family members anytime, anywhere,
Make life more colorful

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