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Whole Body Vertical Harmonic Vibration
WBVV Exercise is a passive exercise similar to rope skipping and vertical shaking.

Over the years, numerous medical experiments have proved that Whole Body Vertical Vibration Therapy achieve overall health benefits through gravitational effects.

Bones and Joints Activation Exercise Training for Seniors

Vertical Vibration Training
The principle of WBVV is because of the gravity which strongly influences the human growth and exercise.
Its vertical force on human body is from up to down, and the exercise effect is to be achieved inside out.

Vibration improves cardiovascular functions
* Increase the concentration of NO
* Stimulate the parasympathetic nerve
* Lower the arterial stiffness index (ASI)
* Increase the blood flow of brain and oxygen saturation
* Promote the secretion of tPA and lower the risks of vascular infarction

Vibration lowers the risks of stroke and helps the recovery after stroke
* Improve blood circulation
* Increase muscular strength

Vibration prevents osteoporosis
* Improve the quantities of osteoblast
* Increase the thickness of trabecular bone
* Promote the secretion of osteocalcin
* Promote the production of chondrocyte

Vibration vitalizes blood vessels and prevents the hypertension

Vibration reduces back and joint pains
* Improve blood and joint peripheral circulation
* Promote the production of chondrocyte

Vibration decreases body fat through stem cell differentiation
* Stem cell differentiation inhibits the production of fat cells
* Improve blood circulations
* Promote the secretion of adiponectin
* Sculpt the body and increase muscular strength

Vibration improves metabolism and stabilizes the blood sugar
* Promote stem cell differentiation
* Promote the secretion of adiponectin
* Improve blood circulations
* Promote the secretion of NO

Lazy exercise? Unable to exercise? No time, No space for exercise?
One of the best choice for exercise.

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