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ReLegs Leg Rest Pillow
15-30 min. of the critical moment to relax your legs
The activity power of people come from healthy legs.
Having a pair of healthy legs assures a lifetime’s healthy life.

> Relaxation
> Stress Relief
> Body shape posture

Ultimate Ergonomic Design
Exclusive Patent
With ergonomic and aesthetic designs, the Relegs provides fully comfort to your body
and makes you sleep well till dawn.

Stress Relieving
Cool & Comfortable

Why the Relegs is in need?
Legs carry the weight of our body and are responsible for our activity level across in our lifetime.

It is not difficult to find in life that people walking more often are healthier and live a longer life.

Therefore, if you would like to be healthy, you must not neglect the maintenance of your feet.
Perfect curve of relaxation makes your body released entirely.

In terms of design consideration, the Relegs emphasizes the relaxation posture between the angle of hip joint and the lumbar spine to relieve and relax pelvis and hip join organs. The mountain-alike curve design allows knee joint to stretch itself to lower the pressure and provides an ideal bevel curvature to front and back thigh muscles, calf and leg palm to relax the body entirely.

The four design guidelines of the Relegs fulfill market expectation.
> Ultimate ergonomic design
> Perfectly fit the contours of legs
> Combination of nature and body aesthetics
> Perfect curve for relaxing your legs

Maintain your legs in perfect shape for more confidence.

The best gentle care for your legs
With ergonomic and aesthetic design, the Relegs holds your buttocks & thighs and perfectly fit the contours of legs to relax your lower back. Make them in a natural state and provide fully comfort to your body.

Who needs to use the Relegs?
Many habits of daily life easily cause burdens of legs and the worst situation may increase the possibility of muscle degeneration to further impact routine life such as:
> Cross legs when sitting down
> Wear high heel shoes
> Long sitting down
> Long standing
> After workouts

The professional healthcare of legs given by the Relegs provides an all-purpose maintenance to your legs

Exclusive patent cared for your legs

Tencel – Feels so right
Tencel material adopted for external pillow care Skin friendly, Cool and Comfortable
> 3D Ergonomic Design Cool & Comfortable
> Skin friendly & Breathable
> Anti-mite
> Anti-bacteria

The Relegs Leg rest Pillow posture of use:
Let your fatigue legs have a truly relaxing moment
The suggested duration of use is 15 mins.
Please avoid using the pillow more than 30 mins.

1. Loosen up legs – The entire relaxation of lower back, waist and legs.
2. Lift up legs.

> Best support to your hips, thighs & legs
> Relax your lower back in a natural state
> Fully relaxing moment for your exhausting legs

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