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All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow
8 hours of Golden sleep
People spend one third of their lifetime sleeping
A good sleep starts with stress relief

Perfect combination of pressure relief and support force
> Exclusive Patent
> Perfect ergonomic 3D design
> The best gentle support of your body no matter sleeping on your back or on your side!

Stress Relieving
Skin friendly & Breathable
Cool & Comfortable

Ultimate care
3D Ergonomic Design
A better nights’ sleep starts with all purpose Stress Relief Pillow
People spend one-third of their life sleeping on the bed.
Besides a good bed, a comfortable pillow is also one of the most
important things that determine the sleep quality.

The pillow relaxes your muscles of head, neck & shoulder,
ensuring you a comfortable sleep quality
> Extraordinary ergonomic design of the All-Purpose Stress Relief
Pillow stabilizes and release your body when sleeping on your back.
> The heightening design on both sides of the All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow fits
the widths of your shoulders and stabilizes your body when sleeping on your side.

The High-tech memory foam is molded by high shock absorption and pressure
release materials to provides the best healthcare and support while sleeping.

6 Design Guidelines
Assurance of higher quality of sleep
> Neck Sloping Support Design – Stress relief for head and neck, ultra-light
> Ergonomic Design – Perfectly fit and comfortable without burden
> 3D Design – Fit but not tight
> High Tech Memory Foam Mold – With high release pressure & support force without
> Tencel – Comfortable and skin-friendly
> Passed all Strict Quality Inspections – No safety concerns!

Make sleep a wonderful enjoyment!
Better sleep, better life!

Good sleep environment needs to be created elaborately

An entirely relaxation sleep comes from a comprehensive healthcare.
> Sleep on your back naturally
> Neck Sloping Support Design
> Perfect support to head, neck & shoulder

Suggested postures
A pillow determines the quality of sleep.
> Unobstructed breathing – Special Curve Design
Open up the airways, and make you breathe smooth and clear.
> Sleeping on your back – The best care of your head and neck
Perfect support of your head and neck which makes your sleep without any burden.
> Sleeping on your side – The shoulders and the pillow curve fit lightly
Butterfly design allows the head, neck and shoulder to be perfectly supported.

Tencel – Feels so right
Tencel material adopted for external pillow care Skin friendly, Cool and Comfortable
> Anti-bacteria
> Anti-mite
> Skin friendly & Breathable
> 3D Ergonomic Design Cool & Comfortable

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